Work at Consus

Work at Consus

We continue to be entrepreneurial and agile even after 10 years of operations. If your ideas resonate with the below, come and talk to us:

  • We are a no-frill, aggressive, creative and extremely agile organization.
  • We have always put customer interests ahead of us.
  • Our focus has always been procurement cost savings, digitization & process compliance.
  • We deliver what we promise, and we put our money where our mouth is!
  • We are used to working with limited information and we strongly believe in ”understand and plan reasonably, jump into execution, learn on the job and keep continuously improving”
  • We know we cannot always do this all by ourselves and are never shy to reach out to customer resources or external partners, as appropriate, to drive best results for our customers.

Consus Family

Community Outreach
Team building
Team Games
Shared Values

Our colleagues from diverse backgrounds have come together to deliver measurable benefits to customers

At Consus, collaboration is key whether its internal or external. We believe in putting up solutions to customers that are comprehensive and many a times we may or may not have the necessary expertise in-house. Our strong eco-system of both technology as well as services partners are as critical as our internal colleagues, and we have continuously to strived to make this experience seamless to our customers

Life Beyond Consus


I usually fish on the weekends; dawn and dusk are the best times. I often bring my daughters (8 and 6, start ’em young) who are quickly becoming good at this sport. Fishing is a sport of patience, a virtue required in Sales and ever more important in the current uncertain times. The long wait times also allow me to answer emails, scour LinkedIn and hunt for prospects while I wait for the fish to bite. Do not worry if you are a pacifist. I am a catch and release kind of angler.

Saurabh Mehta

Managing Partner, Americas


“Photographer to off-roader…”

I have been fortunate enough to be a part of Team Terrain Tigers, a dynamic & popular off-roading group for many years now. It started off with my pursuit of photographing off-roading vehicles in action. It did not take long to be bitten by the bug to actively off-road each weekend through a variety of terrains with Terrain Tigers. Off-roading allows me to ride over my weekday blues and offers me a unique outlet to pursue and express freedom of the trails.

Siddharth Chandra

Regional Operations Director


Over the years I have very few hobbies and only one passion. Although am not very good at it, which would take years yet the important part of it is how it helps me to cheer up during my low days. My passion is Photography and to date very few have been published like Love_United_Malaysia. But I also have won Bronze Awards for the traveller and Popular Content by Youpic. #Adamantmind. “You should never convert your Hobby into a profession otherwise it sucks the Joy out of it. Don’t you agree?

Arijit Das

Marketing Lead | Kuala Lumpur

Fantasy Cosplay

I am a divergent (If you have seen the movie divergent). It means I don’t stick to one thing which is natural in nature. To relate that I try to look for Escapades. Among the one I have one which is Cosplay. it helps me to enter to the world of imagination and evolute charcters shifting to one to another. Cosplay give me that power to run my imagination wild.

Prashant Giri

Regional Operations Lead, South East Asia


Books are my passion. I have read thousands of them and at some point, I decided reading was not enough, so I started to create my own stories. I have 2 published books – ‘Lua…O Anjo Terrestre’ (‘Lua…The angel from Earth’) and ‘Nem Sempre Acontece’ (‘It doesn’t always happen’). I’m able to check out and disconnect from real world when I’m writing. Nowadays I still write, but about my other passion: Procurement! I have dozens of White Papers and technical articles published regarding both technical and soft Procurement skills”.

Flavia Ziarnik

Sr Director Operations, Americas

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is about control, mind management and process. It is a kind of sport I love to do it, get me out of routine, make me feel I am in another world. Everything down there is a slow motion, there are rules and security process must to be follow. The most amazing thing about this sport is the respect of earth nature. Once you are down there, you are a visitor, you must respect the sea, do not touch anything, just observe and learn, and see with your own eyes, how amazing is the world under the water

Ruy Magalhães

Commodity Leader , Americas