Sourcing & Procurement

Sourcing & Procurement

Organizations often undertake market events using a manual, resource-intensive process, often lacking a single data source of templates and consistency across business units. They usually either rely on single suppliers for non-core categories leading to supplier dependency risks, or too many suppliers for strategic categories, resulting in internal contract management overheads. Manual processes are also inherently prone to data-entry errors on both supplier and buyer sides, resulting in sourcing cycle delays. Enter our e-sourcing solutions and services.

Apart from the benefits inherently associated with implementing a sourcing system, Consus also gives you a qualified and highly experienced team that provides guidance and consultation throughout the process. We know the pain points of the technologies, the most suitable work-around, and also the features that stand out.

Each organization has its own maturity level and appetite for change. Keeping that in mind, we know how to optimize the technology to achieve the desired end-state and offer a gentle learning curve. Our flexible delivery models and the technical and operational support we offer means that the platform can be configured for varying levels of maturity and complexity, as clients absorb the change over a period of 1 to 3 years.

When incubating and accelerating the change, we ensure knowledge transfer to the in-house team by co-piloting the e-sourcing platform as a joint team. In addition, we also commit to achieving 4-14% cost-savings as proof of the value of our sourcing solutions.

No matter how basic or complex your categories and requirements may be, Consus pulls through for you. From sourcing office supplies to getting mixed freight of goods from multiple locations, to cleaning services, to IT infrastructure, to medical and construction capital expenditure, MRO, consumables, and raw materials such as slag, sugar, flour, steel, and fuels/utilities – we do it all.

For organizations not interested in procurement or sourcing technologies, we provide sourcing-as-a-service when their internal team lacks capacity or capability in specific categories. In general, our delivery model is that of co-sourcing, where we bring our process and category knowledge to bear, whilst relying on the local market intelligence of the in-house team to execute each market/sourcing engagement.

Sourcing by Consus is available as part of a complete Source-to-Pay solution, but also as a standalone service. It can be undertaken either electronically or manually; Consus recommends the e-sourcing approach.

Sourcing Services

High-level Spend Analysis

Consus can undertake high-level spend analytics to identify your sourcing pipeline for the service period. This could be based on level of spend, imminent business needs, contract renewal dates, readiness of requirements and data, and business stakeholder buy-in.

Supplier Outreach

Reach out to new suppliers based on the client’s pre-existing qualification criteria, accessing, but not limited to, our proprietary database of over 200,000 suppliers.

Operational Support

From organizing auctions to supplier/buyer onboarding, we give you full operational support, thereby enhancing the efficacy of the sourcing process.

Comparison and Quantitative Analysis

Our team offers manual or tool-based comparisons and quantitative analysis of all costs/ quotes, reducing analysis time by up to 20%.

Requirements Gathering

Consus will work with your team to establish its overall needs and types of products and services needed. We also collate detailed specifications and volumes, terms & conditions, and SLAs and prepare a final RFQ package configured either online on the e-sourcing platform or offline in a traditional format. Consus team helps you fast-track one of the most tedious areas of sourcing – documentation!


Evaluation Parameters

We work with clients to determine the evaluation parameter’s that should be used to compare vendor responses. These include price, quality, delivery, TS and CS, and other service criteria, financial strength, geographic footprint, capacity, and capability etc. The aim is to ensure that the decision is holistic and not just based on price. These parameters are then uploaded onto the e-sourcing platform.


Supplier Response Collation

Consus collates and facilitates the business units and procurement team’s scoring of each supplier response against the RFP questions. The scores are then applied against the evaluation criteria and weighted in order to arrive at an overall qualitative rank for each supplier. Throughout the eRFP phase, we undertake follow-ups with the suppliers and provide them with training on how to use the login/portal to upload their responses.


Online Bidding

Consus allows you to choose from different kinds of online bidding options based on your preference. We also give you the added benefit of real-time price comparisons. Online bidding can bring down the final price negotiations from weeks and months to 1-2 days. It provides transparency and rankings to suppliers, yet the final award decision is based on the overall qualitative ranking of other non-price parameters. We continue to provide supplier training and support, leading up to the online bidding session.



Consus can also assist in negotiations, helping bridge cross-cultural and sensitive situations and guaranteeing that all parties are aligned in their expectations and objectives.

Contract Finalization

Our team can also stay with you all through the way, right until the contract is completely finalized, giving you as much assistance and support as you require.

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    What you get?

    • Cost-savings of 4 to 14%.
    • Mitigating supplier risks.
    • Free up internal resources dedicated to tedious market-facing events, helping you to focus on business engagement and sourcing strategy.
    • Reduce sourcing cycles by up to 30% by leveraging templates, making your processes repeatable – for immediate spot buys to extensive 7-step strategic sourcing.
    • Bring in a level of transparency to the process, which is necessary to gain the trust of suppliers and internal business unit stakeholders
    • Access to a global supplier base.
    • Supplier rationalization.
    • Consolidation of repeat buys.