Saurabh Mehta

Managing Partner for Americas, Middle East, and Africa

As Managing Partner for the Americas for Consus Global, Saurabh has been instrumental in leading sales and operations in our fastest-growing market. As a Procurement and Sourcing practitioner for over two decades, Saurabh has not only led procurement transformation initiatives but has also been responsible for leading Sourcing Centers of Excellence ensuring delivery of value from procurement and sourcing functions. He has done so by leading the selection of solutions and services to enable procurement, being a change leader, and finally delivering and sustaining value to Procurement through establishing programs that sustain success over time.

Before joining Consus, Saurabh was responsible for leading channel sales at Ivalua which included portfolio expansion in the company’s mid-market and emerging markets segments. He has also led Sourcing Center of Excellence for some of the leading global brands.

Saurabh has an MBA in Strategy & Global Business from NYU Stern and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering & Economics from Columbia University. Saurabh is also a member of the American Mensa society and a volunteer firefighter in his community.