Madhuri Govilkar

Managing Partner for ISEA (India & Southeast Asia)

Madhuri Govilkar is a Managing Partner of our South East Asia region. She has acquired and leads some of our largest multi-country accounts in the region. In her leadership, we have successfully added new markets such as Thailand, China, Indonesia and Vietnam while continuing the year over year growth in existing markets such as Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines.

With almost a decade of Supply Chain and Procurement Services experience, Madhuri has delivered over $200M Procurement savings year after year for her customers across Telecommunication, Pharmaceutical, F&B, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Healthcare and EPCIC industry. She has extensive experience creating growth strategies, identifying operational efficiency improvements and developing turnaround programs. Her mantra is to put customer first and due to her strong customer connect, she has always managed to discover new avenues of business for Consus.

Prior to joining us in 2013, Madhuri worked for top telecommunication organizations such as Vodafone, Nokia Siemens and Huawei where she worked as a product manager for 9 years across India, China, Middle East and SEA.

Madhuri is certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher and she enjoys teaching yoga to children and elderly people in her free time. She has completed her Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Pune University.