Smriti Kochar

Smriti Kochar   

Director and Managing Partner IMEA

As Managing Partner for the IMEA region, Smriti is spearheading Sales, Operations and Customer Success in these key markets. She joined Consus Global 8 years ago, when the company was a startup and has been a key contributor in the company’s growth since then. Before taking over the IMEA region, she was responsible for kickstarting the South East Asia region, and was instrumental in getting the first few customers in Malaysia.

In addition to managing P&L of her regions, Smriti also actively participates in hiring and mentoring new talent, taking on new employee engagement initiatives and nurtures a strong network of customers and technology partners.

Prior to joining Consus, Smriti served as Associate Director at Perfect Relations, and has a strong background of Marketing and Corporate Communications. Her total work experience in areas of Sales and Marketing is 15+ years. Smriti is based out of Gurgaon, India.

According to Smriti,” Customer Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction goes hand in hand. For a company to flourish, both relationships need to be nurtured equally.”