Shantanu Bhowmick (SB)

Chairman & CEO

As founder and visionary behind the idea that is Consus Global, SB has been leading growth and delivery excellence at Consus since our inception in 2010. Consus, an integrated global supply chain solutions provider today has offices across 8 countries and customers in over 20 countries. With a growing portfolio of over 100 customers worldwide, SB has led the sustained growth of Consus while ensuring that the principles and ethos of customer success on which the company was founded stay at the forefront of our mission. SB routinely advises executives from our portfolio of global customers, helping them define their procurement vision and strategy and supporting them in realizing these strategies through execution. At the same time, SB has fostered a company culture of ownership, from owning projects to customer relationships. Encouraging this culture of individual ownership has not only empowered Consus personnel in performing to the best of their abilities but also ensured that customer needs are met immediately and effectively.

Prior to establishing Consus, SB held several leadership roles at GE Capital and Genpact across US and India. SB is an active investor across capital markets, real estate and technology start-ups. He also serves on the board of Resonance Data, an AI based tech startup focused on next-gen sales productivity.

SB graduated from BITS, Pilani (India) with a dual degree in Mechanical Engineering and Chemistry.

“…that every organization absolutely needs our service is a given. Our job is to only make them realize it!”