Life Beyond Consus

The Rockstar - Music

"Music is close to my heart, mostly classical rock. It relaxes me a hobby I have been nurturing for years. Lockdown has definitely closed battle of bands, gigs but not the passion inside me. Music is a perfect unwind, gets you back in form to face the next ball'

Testing done with the lead guitar, feedback adjusted, cymbals on the roll, rhythm on the keyboard, beat on double bass drums, bass guitars fueling from the back, deafening and crazy crowd on the prowl, heat rising in the air, heart beating at its level best, cold sweat rolling down over the hot neck, Aishwarya with her assuring smile at the backstage, prayers all inside, waiting for the dig in the stage, waiting for the band name to be announced...Metallica, Deep purple, GnR, Iron Maiden all playing inside and I run into the stage to tear it apart with my vocal might, breaking myself out of the clutches of my fears being the front man of the band. Chai on the rocks, the cold breeze, the winters, the Bangalore times..

Rageesh Ram Mohan
Regional Operations Director
Consus Global