Life Beyond Consus

Life Coach

"A lot more still to come. Happy learning!'

It has been six months now since we have been living like this. Do we like it? Absolutely not! But did it help? Oh, of course. I am a completely different person than who I was pre-pandemic. I have become more patient in life and it has brought me peace. I already had many good habits, like working out every day, cooking, dancing, reading, etc. so I did not give up on any of those, but along the way, I have picked up a few new ones. I started baking and then worked out even more. I painted and sketched for the first time in my life, and am getting better at it. Picked up learning piano, but it turned out to be too difficult to understand online, so gave up on that. I have volunteered at an animal shelter. Finally yet importantly, took one-step closer to my dream of becoming a life coach by completing a certification.

Anjali Mahajan
Regional Sales Director, SEA
Consus Global