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My name is Satyam Singh and I’m a Sourcing Consultant with Consus Global. This is my procurement journey.

My procurement journey started with Orion eservices, an organization that helped Hewlett Packard on their Healthcare projects across rural India. Since then, I have had the pleasure of working with world class organizations like Genpact, PwC, Rosmerta Technologies and now Consus. While my academic background is in Electronics & Telecommunications, my career’s trajectory has enabled me to become an end to end procurement practitioner.

Having embarked on my career in 2012, I have been lucky enough to learn from peers, managers and customers. This has resulted in me adding several technologies to my repertoire. These include not only ERPs like SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics but also Source-to-Pay platforms like Coupa, Ariba and Ivalua. I’ve been exposed to increasing level of responsibilities in Supply Chain, Logistics, and Project Procurement both domestically and internationally. Some of the strategic and tactical assignments I have owned include:

  • Transactional procurement
  • Vendor on-boarding & management
  • IT sourcing
  • Project procurement & budgeting
  • Process management
  • Maintaining contract repository

I take pride in my striving for operational excellence in speedy implementation & execution of planned Sourcing Projects and have also been recognized by peers and leaders alike.

One of the more interesting projects I undertook was Bill of Materials planning for a new product for a manufacturing organization that was designing and building a vehicle tracking device. During this time I not only helped the organization from a strategic sourcing perspective but also helped with supplier rationalization which resulted in supplier base reduction of close to 50%. During this phase of my career, I also helped multiple manufacturing plants in meeting and maintaining inventory levels.

“…a global organization that is striving to deliver real ROI to customers”

I joined Consus in 2018 having been allured by the opportunity to grow technically and creatively with a global organization that is striving to deliver real ROI to customers. The culture at Consus is something that has stood out for me over time and I see why my peers carry the pride and passion for the work that they do, and for our customers. These values are part of the organization’s DNA, one where we strive each day to achieve better results and deliver value to our customers. The foundational pillars of life at Consus that I find alluring are:

  • Room and encouragement to learn, cultivate skills & practice your experience
  • Ownership of customer relationships
  • Support from peers and managers
  • The autonomy to reimagine a particular set, function or process

One of my highlights at Consus has been my exposure to a global electronics manufacturer where I handled and executed spend of 40 Million USD yielding a massive 16% cost reduction annually. I managed complex categories like IT, MRO, Professional Services, HR Services & Scrap waste materials. The projects I led had spend levels associated in the millions and had hard dollar impact across North America, Europe and APAC.

“…executed spend of 40 Million USD yielding a massive 16% cost reduction annually”

Building upon these aforementioned skills, I managed an inventory and parts rationalization project for a US customer that was struggling with the challenges of poorly distributed inventory in excess of $45M across 1000+ Vans, 45 branches and 6 distribution centers. Owing to lack of categorization and presence of many duplicates in the customer was facing issues around mismanagement of inventory & often stock outs. Uncategorized inventory also led to issues with oversupply and undersupply across various locations. I helped analyze and classify existing inventory levels into 3 broad categories (Good, Undersupply & Oversupply) and with the help of weighted averages of usage seasonality conducted categorization and supply rationalization down to 4 levels UNSPSC coding. This not only helped us identify the pain areas and action accordingly of either selling it off or moving the inventory upstream in the chain.

My Consus journey has exposed to me several new clients with unique challenges. At the same time, it has allowed me to grow my knowledge and expertise in the areas of supply chain, sourcing and procurement. I am incredibly thrilled to be part of such a professional and dynamic team where teamwork and interpersonal skills are encouraged and highly valued.

Satyam Singh
Strategic Sourcing Consultant
Consus Global