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my journey with Consus - 2+2>>4

"Just finished a long flight from the US; seated in the chair, I open my laptop. I reflect upon the journey so far"

Long ago there used to be a crow-couple which lived on a tree in the outskirts of a kingdom. There also lived a cobra inside a hole under the same tree. One day when the crow-couple were out, the cobra ate the eggs from the crow nest. After the crows returned to their nest, they realised what had happened. Deeply in pain, the couple had two choices, a) leave the tree b) stand up and fight. One of the crows flew to the King’s place, stole a necklace and put it in the hole where the cobra lived. The servants of the King followed up, later dug up the hole and killed the cobra. There after the crow-couple lived happily on the same tree. This story, from “Panchtantra” talks about exploring creative solutions to a problem instead of escaping from it. Along similar lines, working with Consus, one is constantly challenged to explore creative solutions and alternatives to pressing problems related to strategic sourcing, procurement and supply chain operations across the industries and globally.

With Metallurgical Engineering from NIT Trichy and experience in Manufacturing, Process engineering, SQD, Strategic Sourcing & Procurement in MNCs like TAFE, Timken, I joined Consus as a Principal Consultant to manage Strategic Sourcing consulting engagements across clients in India, 8 years ago. As a certified black belt in Lean6Sigma I was always invigorated by the process approach in handling spend-sourcing problems as I got a chance to manage clients, programs, projects and consultants. Later on, I disembarked from the speeding train to a standstill platform when I decided to refuel and pursue my MBA from IIM Kozhikode in Operations, Marketing and Strategy. This was also an opportunity to work with another US MNC - Hubbell Inc. to manage the Product Marketing and the VMI-eCommerce teams (Order to Cash). I again jumped back onto the speeding train and here I am… back again with the Consus team.

Consus, in its 10th anniversary year with 7 Global offices, who’s-who customers across 20 countries with 90% retention and a cumulative spend managed upward of $25 B, is a globally recognized and trusted Integrated Supply Chain Solutions Provider, industry agnostic, with over 120 Supply Chain practitioners (commandos). Consus offers services on four verticals: Supply Chain Advisory, Sourcing & Procurement, Source to Pay Implementation & AI driven Data management, thereby driving organization-wide business process re-engineering. Consus has been recognized as a Top 10 procurement services provider by CIO Asia Forum. It’s a 2+2>>4 promise which Consus assures to the clients as well as the team working at Consus. For our clients, associating with Consus always help realize value much beyond the total cost of ownership. For the team it is learning, development, sense of achievement, trust, assurance and a sense of belonging. Going by the ancient Roman principles, God “Consus” etymologically was the protector of Grains, a symbol of “sowing and nurturing”. The company stands tall to the Roman God through numerous works in philanthropy and charity especially in the areas of increasing the green cover, poverty alleviation, cottage industries and various relief activities. Consus believes in the triple bottom line - Profitability in tandem with society and environment as part of sustainability.

A typical work life of a consultant team working with client CPOs would entail – detailed spend analysis through data enrichment, maximization of the “Kraljic-Leverage” quadrant, design for sourcing, supplier market intelligence, utilization of the befitting eCommerce (RFX-Auction) technology tactic as required and drive savings (ROI) on a time based manner. The team eyes are always culminating on the sourcing projects turning into long term contracts with the supplier community. The intangibles as part of this exercise delivers value to the client in terms of Supplier-SKU rationalization and tail-spend management. The team also deals in program management across departments, teams, geographies, working with the Consus “Center of Excellence” teams that support “Source to Pay” integration projects as well as the Advisory team on Supply Chain optimization problems. Overall, as spend-doctors we push the limits and add value to our clients by exploring the “Blind Spots” & the “Hidden” quadrants of the “Johari Window”.

During my journey with Consus, I’m enthralled to have led client proliferation and engagements, managing over 40+ accounts across India, Malaysia & the US and stabilizing long term engagements organically. I’m happy to have developed the team on functional capabilities right from the Business Analysts to the Delivery Directors, thereby mentoring & growing leaders over the years. Wearing multiple hats at a time I even got opportunities to support Pre-sales, Solutioning, Resource-capability & Knowledge management across the organization. I’m grateful to SB and the Managing Partners for their faith and empowerment bestowed upon me and the various assignments entrusted to me throughout. It feels great to be part of the Consus fraternity -- Lean & Agile (Quick to move). .

“…Wrapping up the laptop as my name gets announced ..heading for another flight.. another challenge.. another opportunity. This is what ships are built for!”

Rageesh Ram Mohan
Regional Operations Director
Consus Global