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It’s All About Sport

My association with Consus Global is now over six years, beginning as a Principal Consultant for retail marketing, managing the television division of the Toshiba India followed by playing a similar role for a leading global sports & lifestyle company with a portfolio of two core market dominating brands.

The role of managing marketing spend for both the core brands of the group has been challenging as both the clients and suppliers have to be guided to ensure compliance of the Non-Trade Purchase (NTP) process.

"Creating the New!"

As compared to my colleagues in Consus Global & across the industry, I am relatively new to the Sourcing and Procurement fraternity. Retail Marketing has been a core area of focus for much of my career wherein I have had the privilege to work with some of the most prolific retail brands such as Barista, Levi Strauss, Marks & Spencer. Currently, I am in the role of leading a team at Consus Global which manages the entire indirect spend using procure to pay solutions across India, Middle East & Africa for the sports & lifestyle group.

"It’s all about sport!"

Managing people, be it the client leadership team, various internal teams or external suppliers is of paramount importance. I realized early on that the need to focus on my people management skills along with playing the role of project manager will be critical in building trust with stakeholders across the board. This led to my involvement in other business categories and over time, my role snowballed into managing the entire NTP department for India in 2016. Subsequently, I took over the Emerging Markets (EM) cluster along with India, Middle East (GCC countries, Turkey, Israel) & Africa (South Africa & LENA- Egypt, Lebanon, Morroco, Jordan & Algeria). The Emerging Markets cluster is amongst the various clusters in which the sports & lifestyle Group has categorized the multiple geographies across the globe where they operate.

"A tool is only as effective as the team that manages it!"

The growth story of this unmitigated giant of the athletic apparel industry - Consus Global’s association, as well as of my professional growth can be directly attributed to the Consus’s leadership of our broader team. Throughout our journey the fundamental outlook of Consus has been to continuously strive for operational excellence, to ensure process compliance and to capture procurement cost savings. All this while aligning with customer’s finance teams as well as the global procurement team to ensure effective streamlining of the procure to pay process.

“We play to win! Athletes do not settle for average, and neither do we.”

In a nutshell, my personal & professional skill development at Consus Global is entirely owing to a hands-on approach and has been built through constant support from the Consus Leadership. The diverse experience of my colleagues managing other equally stellar accounts at Consus has provided me with an ecosystem of professionals who bring a wealth of experience to our teams. My journey with Consus Global has been incredibly exciting & rewarding and look forward to continuing to surge ahead with a singular, all-encompassing vision- Elevate Supply Chain.

Siddharth Chandra
Regional Operations Director
Consus Global