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Great Opportunities for Everyone | Dennis Sarmiento

“Expect great opportunities.” “Millennial friendly workplace.”

My journey with Consus Global has been truly unexpected—from the first time I saw the job posting, to the day I had my interviews, to the day I was hired.

Great Opportunities for Everyone

Back when I was looking for a new opportunity, I saw a job posting by Consus Global which used the #ProcurementJobs. The company was looking for a Strategic Sourcing Professional who could speak Thai. Although my knowledge of the Thai language is limited, I still took a chance and submitted my CV, crossing my fingers that my application would be considered.

Luckily, I got a call for an interview and eventually, an employment offer. Instead of an overseas opportunity working in Thailand, I was assigned to support a local client in Davao City, Philippines. This was my first time accepting an offer without physically meeting the interviewer in person. This was a radical and new experience compared to previous organizations I had worked for where the approach to team dynamic has been more traditional. It was at this point that I realized that the opportunity with Consus Global would be a new and exciting journey for me and would help me become a more prolific professional.

Millennial-Friendly Workplace

I am part of one of the largest segments of the global workforce – a Millennial Professional.

Several studies claim that millennials are known to not stick around organizations for long. They tend to leave organizations and look for other opportunities with higher frequency than those of other generations. It is claimed that young professionals have a different outlook on their careers as we’re more exposed to the digital world where the possibilities are endless. As a millennial myself, I can attest to this. We are more goal-oriented, driven by purpose, and seek the perfect mix of work-life balance.

The great thing about Consus Global is that it is a millennial-friendly workplace. This organization prides itself on its diversity and a very high team morale. The work culture allows employees to be creative and be passionate about their work. The organization also welcomes ideas from all members regardless of length of tenure or experience level.

Flexibility and work-life balance is one of the biggest factors when millennials choose a company. And Consus Global didn’t fail me in this aspect. The company gives employees the right amount of freedom to be productive and still follow personal pursuits. This results in high satisfaction and drive in the team. The management team is also very supportive of employee growth and several internal initiatives have been enacted to encourage continued learning and upskilling for all of us.

I took a chance joining Consus Global, looking for a new challenge. Now that I’m a part of the Consus family, I know better: Saying ‘yes’ to Consus Global has been one of the best decisions in my career as a millennial professional.

Dennis Sarmiento
Consultant - Strategic Sourcing & Procurement
Consus Global