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# Building a roadmap for my career

I’m a Strategic Sourcing Consultant at Consus and this is my journey.

I joined Consus in 2019. Joining the organization and travelling to Malaysia was a big decision which came with mixed feelings of nostalgia, of leaving India and deep emotions that made me wonder if I had made the right decision. Today, I can confidently state that it was the right decision and that Consus is the right place for me.

Since joining Consus, I have received significant responsibilities to lead procurement activities for various clients across many countries. This has made my knowledge more comprehensive in terms of understanding global sourcing practices, interacting with vendors from all over the world, as well as understanding client sourcing requirements and market needs. The opportunity has helped me expand my procurement domain knowledge and allowed me to learn various sourcing and procurement technologies. This, I confidently believe has allowed me to grow my knowledge and led to tremendous learning.

As has been rightly said, significant opportunities always come with challenges. When you get support and guidance from your management and team, it becomes easier. The Consus team has supported me throughout my journey and the leadership team has shown faith in my ability to learn and thrive. While working at Consus, I have delivered multiple successful projects which has engendered my peers and management’s trust in me.

The learning mechanisms are extremely high. I believe that the priority for personal and professional development for each employee is one of the success mantras. As you grow and mature, you expect some professional direction as well. At Consus this theme is understood and applied very well. I have been able to expand my skillset and knowledge through on-the-job training and upskilling in procurement, sourcing, supply chain as well as in soft skills like time management and communication.

Work-life balance is extremely important in this hyper connected and high energy world. At Consus, emphasis is placed on employee rejuvenation. We are encouraged to spend downtime with our teams in order to build better team unity and group cohesiveness.

So far, my journey with Consus has been very exciting. I look to my future career with the organization with hope and energy as the leadership continues to support and show their trust on me.

Akash Buchade
Strategic Sourcing Consultant
Consus Global