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An Employee’s Dream Place – Not A Myth

Earth, our planet, our home, where we exist, grow and roam. In order to survive and live a decent life most humans needs to work for their living. Gone are the days when a whole family could be dependent on just one working member, mostly the male, addressing him as the man of the house. Today, be it man or woman, both need to work just to exist. In such a scenario, if the place you work does not bring you satisfaction and happiness then the experience becomes miserable resulting in the employee’s unhappiness and dissatisfaction. The consequences of this on an individual’s performance can have far reaching impacts on the productivity and performance of the organization.

Organizations can have far reaching consequences on their employees if the environment in the work place is toxic or mismanaged. Human capital, the most important and valuable resource to an organization can be used to its best potential or be terribly misused. Technological advancements, automation and increasing population has led to a hyper-competitive marketplace for most workers. With so many hurdles in the way having a dream work place appears to be a myth. However, there are a few companies, one of them being Consus, which understand this and try and give their employees an incredibly positive, healthy and secure work environment. They consider their employees as part of their extended family and give them the security that the latter looks for. I have been working with Consus for almost a decade now and I have been privileged to a part of the Consus story.

As a female, there are challenges that one comes across in this male dominated profession where some men find it hard to work under a woman or accept the fact that a female counterpart is being appreciated for an achievement. However, my experience with Consus has been refreshingly positive whereby the leadership and the ethos of the organization has created an organization where gender is not a factor in an employee’s growth, recognition and share of responsibility. This is what we all aspire to be a part of, an organization where people are recognized and given equal opportunities regardless of their gender and caste.

As you grow and mature in the corporate world you learn to fight your battles and stand for your convictions. New employees, just out of college typically find it the toughest when joining the corporate world as they navigate unchartered waters where they not only have to adjust to the work environment but also have to find a place to fit in. Few organizations understand this delicate time in employees’ lives and allow them to adjust to their new realities while at the same time giving them an opportunity to prove their worth. Being able to share your knowledge and implementing it in the best way possible with proper guidance is very rare, but is of ultimate importance. An organization that realizes this and helps its newer employees achieve this goal is an organization that is on the right path to success. It’s especially important for the employer to allow his or her employees to be themselves so as to get the maximum output from them. This is where Consus really shines as I have seen through my own eyes how Consus allows employees to find their niche, develop skills and grow and perform to the best of our abilities.

 Consus has always given more worth to an employee’s knowledge and his/her eagerness and enthusiasm to grow than anything else. The organization has always given me and my colleagues opportunities at a much early stage to front end and manage customers while always having our backs to support and rectify the mistakes. There are wide opportunities for professional growth. The employee morale is high which, I think is the natural outcome of the regular recognition for hard work. You feel valued as an employee, and it gives you the drive to contribute to the company's success. Consus admires and values knowledge more than years of experience giving individuals to grow faster across different verticals.

Truly authentic organizations are clear about what they do well and are not into following fads or trends of the corporate world. Staying true to core beliefs of developing people, continuous improvement, magnifying strengths and improving upon weaknesses are all central tenets of the Consus creed. I can confidently state that Consus is a place where individuals regardless of their tenure or position in the organization inspire each other. Being a consulting firm our primary asset is our people. Consus team members play a pivotal role in making what Consus is truly about, an inclusive and respectful organization focusing on customer satisfaction and team member growth. Consusites carry the brand and the ethos that we as an organization and as individuals will all keep striving to be better.

Chin Saiba Sarna
Director - Global Operations
Consus Global