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A Journey from Finance Manager to Global CFO

January 23, 2020 - Bajrang Singh | Group Chief Financial officer at Consus Global - A global supply chain services provider with offices across Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, UAE, USA and Canada, and customers across 20+ countries.

Bajrang is responsible for leading Consus’s worldwide finance organization, including inland statutory obligations, international taxation, visa compliances, treasury activities, tax planning, accounting, reporting, and internal audits.

After earning his CA Degree from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in 2009, Bajrang joined the Consus Global as a Finance Manager. Throughout his 9-years of career, Bajrang has had several opportunities to grow within organization. He has been a vital part of Consus growth story helping open our offices and ensuring legal and financial compliance across Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, UAE, US and Canada.

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Bajrang knew he wanted to work and grow within the consulting and advisory industry when he was an undergraduate in college. To him, it seemed thought-provoking and exciting work, helping leading executives at big companies to solve their most crucial business challenges. After nine years of being in the industry, Bajrang has risen through a variety of finance roles and he is currently Consus’s Chief finance officer globally.

Bajrang shares with us that it has been a challenging but rewarding growth with Consus till now while working in exciting and diversified projects, not only from an operational finance standpoint but involved upstream with contracts, legal and deal structuring.  

Despite his round the clock schedule to manage several countries, Bajrang is also focused on managing his corporate social responsibility. Just like every individual feels the need to contribute towards society. He is being associated with Consus Foundation and Rashtriya Blind Center, India from last five years, where his direction and guidance is adding lot of value in defining success to these associations. Bajrang also shares that this is his favourite job yet, getting to think more strategically about how our services are brought to market, inspiring large groups of people to be the best they can be and developing the next generation of leaders.

Reflecting on his career, Bajrang is most grateful for all the development opportunities Consus Global has offered him. When asked to advise anyone considering a role at Consus, he shared that everyone at Consus tends to share three characteristics:

Trust                                  |                            Integrity                            |                            Loyalty

While believing these values, he always encourages the Consus team to lead by example. Bajrang feels exceptionally happy to find a place so early in his career that it provided him excellent growth opportunity, a fantastic team, and inspiring work. If you have these characteristics, he hopes you explore a career at Consus and see how great it is for yourself!

Bajrang Singh
Managing Partner & Global CFO
Consus Global