Poly Bags Case Study

Learn how Consus Global assisted in purchasing Poly Bags for an organic, plant-based food business.


To standardize product specifications and annual forecasting for Poly Bags, enabling us to discover the best market prices, best quality, and best delivery parameters.


  • Item classification and volume consolidation.
  • Identified new suppliers based on their scope of work.
  • Formal RFP consisting of two rounds – challenged participants to place their best offer, and show any additional value derived from their customized products.
  • Received supplier evaluations from questionnaires and one-on-one meetings with internal stakeholders.



  • Introduced 5 new solution providers, driving competition up in the future.
  • One year contract awarded to a new supplier, based on the best overall TCO, and achieved a savings of 88% ($0.43M CAD).
  • Gained additional savings for the client, removing the cost for any tooling and transitioning.
  • Extended payment terms/risk mitigation plan negotiated, so if local production is needed due to overseas production issues, there’s zero cost to the client.