6 Ways to help empoyees delivery their best

We talk a lot about employee experience here at Consus. And although it is an old subject, we have always worked on improving the daily lives of our employees.

We believe that the best experience for our customer starts with the best experience for our employee.

With that in mind, we asked our Head of HR Director, Vaibhaav Mehta, what are the best ways to help our employees deliver their best.

Here is his 6 ways to help employees deliver their best:

Trust – Show your employees that they are the trusted partners. Do not have policies or mechanisms to keep a track of their activities, hours, and way of doing things. Rather have a robust and transparent system to measure performance in a mutually agreed manner. Create a meritocratic environment and trust your employees to deliver their best by having clearly defined performance metrics.

Recognition – Everyone loves being recognized, sometimes monetary and sometimes non monetary. Tell them when they do a good job. Sometimes in person, sometimes in front of others. Let them know they are liked when they achieve something what is expected out of them and be loud in recognizing when they go beyond their call of duty, the extra mile. Mostly it takes good gestures and words to motivate someone through genuine recognition and sometimes you need to have budgets to pay off in order to recognize.

Coaching – Hand hold them, be a guide, be a mentor. Tell them where you want to see them 3 years down the line OR ask them what they want to do next. Make a mutual career path and then follow the steps. Train them, coach them so that they can be more efficient in what they do or what you want them to do as part of their respective growth plan.

Culture of Inclusivity – Dissolve the hierarchy whenever and wherever possible. Create a culture of inclusivity, show them that they matter and their opinion matters. Listen to them and incorporate their suggestions when found correct. This way they’ll know that they can speak up and this creates a harmonious culture and a more transparent environment.

Space/Freedom/No Micromanagement – Keeping a close watch, regular monitoring can be a put off for most of the employees. Give them tasks, tell them what is expected and how the success will be measured and then keep a time bound check on the progress. No one wants to be in a school where micromanagement happens on a daily basis.

Flexibility – Allow some breather in between heavy lifting projects, flexibility to report to office on certain hours, surprise them with some sort of reasonable pen down time or a paid day off. Let them know that we have observed a burn out and we care.

Share with us your thoughts too and let’s improve our employee experience together!

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